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Glocera Care

Congratulations !

You are a proud owner of Glocera product and also member of our ever growing family.

Glocera products have been manufactured under the highest standards of quality and workmanship. Glocera products are backed by prompt and efficient after sales service. We have dedicated service persons in our team. Product warranties are listed as per below table.

Product Warranty Period
Ceramic products 10 Years
Cistern internal fittings 02 Years
Seat covers / Plastic components 06 Months
Bathroom furniture 02 Years
Sensors / Electrical / Electronic components 01 Years

Please Note:

  • Glocera will not entertain for any warranty claims or any technical support if the product is purchased from any e-commerce website

Your choice of Glocera product is a wise decision and a reflection of your good taste. With proper care, your products will deliver years of beauty, enjoyment and convenience.

Care and Cleaning Guidelines

Like anything of lasting quality, Glocera products and accessories require a certain amount of periodic care to preserve their finish. Please refer below care and cleaning guidelines, failure to comply with these cleaning instructions, warranty will be considered as void.

Ceramic product

For hygienic care, only mild, alkaline or slightly acidic cleaners should be used. We recommend standard sanitary cleaners. Water marks, residual grease or soap can be removed easily using a bathroom cleaner or vinegar-based cleaning product. If they are not removed, they can lead to the formation of stains, spots and dull finish.

Flat surface basin need to wipe after use, else it can cause water stoppage. Do not use very aggressive cleaning products that scratch ceramic surfaces as they may damage the finish.

Always wipe dry after each use.

Seat Cover

Consequently mild and most suitably natural cleaning agents are sufficient for care. Scouring aggressive cleaning agents containing chlorine and acid are not allowed to be used.

Always wipe dry after each use.

Bathroom Furniture

Do not use any abrasive or acidic cleaners or cleaning products. After each use, we recommend that you rinse off any soap marks and dry the surface carefully using a soft, clean cloth. This will help to preserve the shine of your Glocera product and prevent water marks and further damage. Always avoid contact with abrasive, pointed or sharp objects.

All surfaces have limited UV resistance. Constant exposure to UV radiation may result in discolouration. The bathroom furniture must not be exposed to excessive moisture e.g. directly beside a bath or open shower the materials used in the manufacture of Glocera bathroom furniture are water resistant but NOT WATERPROOF.

Cleaning of different surfaces

  • Wipe bathroom furniture using a soft clean cloth, moistened with some lukewarm water and a mild household cleaner, applying only very gentle pressure.
  • Wipe leather and synthetic leather areas using a microfiber cloth moistened with some lukewarm water.
  • Wipe metal surfaces using a soft cloth moistened with some lukewarm water and a mild household cleaner
  • Use a microfiber cloth and a non-abrasive stainless steel cleaner to clean stainless steel components. Spray the cleaner onto the cloth and then wipe the item.
  • Natural stone have been impregnated and can be cleaned in the same way as furniture.
  • Artificial stone can be buffed up using polish.
  • Clean hinges using a soft brush and household cleaner.

WARNING - Efficient ventilation and extraction of moisture in the bathroom are essential to maintain your furniture's quality and appearance.

Always wipe dry after each use.

Glass and Mirror Surfaces

Glass surfaces can be cleaned using either warm water with a squirt of washing-up liquid and spirit.

Mirror surfaces can be cleaned with a soft cloth, moistened with some lukewarm water and a mild household cleaner. Wipe the corners of mirrors dry else it cause corrosion. Do not use a microfiber cloth or any scratching or abrasive cleaning products.

Always wipe dry after each use.

Warranty Terms & Conditions:

Proof of purchase (original sales receipt) from the original consumer purchaser must accompany all warranty claims. Defects or damage caused by the use of other than genuine Glocera parts is not covered by this warranty. This warranty shall be effective from the date of purchase as shown on purchaser's receipt. Glocera and its Authorized Service Franchisee will make unit repairs or replacements under this warranty terms.

  • This warranty remains applicable only if the product has at all times been used strictly in accordance with the terms of this warranty and has not been improperly or negligently handled.
  • This warranty is not valid or effective if the products are not installed properly or according to the instruction given by Glocera.
  • This warranty does not cover problems arising from insufficient water pressure, excessive water impurities/hardness beyond the norms of drinking water or improper care and cleaning.
  • The warranty does not cover parts in - wear & tear, fragile parts, consumables- e.g. Seals, glass, batteries, filters /washer or hinges etc.
  • Glocera is not responsible or liable to pay for any expenses or damages during installation /replacement / repair of the product. In no event shall the liability of Glocera exceed the purchase price of the product.
  • The Service / repair of warranty shall be provided only within the municipal limits of the town or city where the Glocera service center or Authorized service Franchisee is located. If the product installed beyond the municipal limits of Glocera Service Center locations, any and all costs and expenses incurred for repair / service of the product shall be borne wholly and solely by the customer at the prevailing rates.
  • If the manufacturing defect is seen within the first year of purchase on the ceramic product, the customer is entitled for free replacement. In case the manufacturing defect is seen after the first year of purchase & before the warranty period expires, the customer has to pay the company on proportionate basis on current MRP for new replacement.
  • In the event that the same model or color is not available for replacement, Glocera will replace the defective product with an equivalent model or with available color.
  • An equivalent replacement at pro-rata basis shall be provided in case the product has been discontinued, the customer has to pay proportionate amount on the current MRP.
  • On purchase of the product, the customer/ consumer is deemed to have agreed to Glocera’s above warranty policy on the product. Glocera’s Liability under any circumstances limited to the purchase value of the product.

Note - This warranty is applicable to Glocera products and shall be effective from the date of purchase as shown on original purchaser's receipt or warranty card.

Warranty Claim

To initiate a claim, write to Glocera at the address mentioned below, along with the Proof of purchase.

Global Ceramics Pvt. Ltd.
218-A, Rama Market,
Pitampura, New Delhi -110034

Or Call our Toll-free consumer helpline - 1800-102-9802


Q. What is the difference between Dealer, Orientation Centre and Glocera lounge?

Dealer keeps selected products and products on display or in stock are for retail purposes.

Orientation Centres are run by company directly where full and latest collection of the products is displayed. Expert advice and financial estimation are provided as well.

Glocera lounge are exclusive dealers of Glocera which have almost full collection of products for retail purposes. They sell Glocera products exclusively.

Q. Can we buy Glocera products from it’s orientation centre?

No, one cannot buy products from Glocera orientation centres but it is best place for one to experience the luxury of Glocera products. Orientation Centres also showcases latest and complete range of its collection along with offering Live Demo, Expert installation and estimate assistance.

Q. What is the warranty of Glocera products?

All ceramic Glocera products come with 10 years of warranty. For more information, kindly go through warranty policy.

Q. How fast is the assistance of service?

Glocera promises to revert and deliver the best solution within 24 hours (working days).

Q. What is the best way to clean Glocera products?

Glocera products have been designed keeping easy cleaning in mind. All the products can be cleaned using mild warm water and wipe. Abrasive cleaning substances should be avoided as they damage the products in long run.

Q. Am renovating my bathroom and I want it to be customised with Glocera products only, can you help in selection?

We offer the expert advice in such situations in our orientation centres.

Q. What is the best way to contact Glocera care?

We have team of professionals who work actively in attending to your queries. You can call us on +91-18001029802 or fill form provide here.

Q. What is the need for P/S traps and what is the difference between them?

European type water closets have a built in water trap to prevent waste gases from entering the bathroom. Indian type or squatting type water closets require a separate water trap to be connected to the outlet. These water traps can be P type (outlet into the wall) or S type (outlet into the floor).

From the maintenance point of view, there is no difference between the two. From installation point of view, for European type closet, P trap would normally be used in upper floors where the waste pipe is outside the wall. However these can also be used on ground floors if the pipeline for waste is on an outside wall.

S Trap requires a pipeline to run below floor level and is therefore used on the ground floor or on upper floors if the roof slabs are made deep enough. S trap installation is more aesthetic as not much of the soil line is seen and it has the advantage of placing the closet against any wall, not necessarily an outside wall.

Q. What is the difference between Single Flush and Dual Flush System?

Single-flush toilets are the most common type of toilet found in older homes and buildings. They have only one flush mechanism—meaning that all types of waste are flushed with the same amount of water, sometimes as much as 18 litres. Dual-flush toilets, on the other hand, have two flush mechanisms—normally two buttons located on the top of the tank instead of a lever. One button engages a flush using less water (about 3 litres) that’s meant only for liquid waste, while the other button engages a flush meant for solid waste (about 6 litres).

Dual flush system is environment friendly and also money saving for consumers.